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a nipple cover to PREVENT Nipples chafing when exercising strenuously, when

running, surfing, cycling, playing tennis, paddle and other actvities. Can be used while

swimming and bathing. Even in Triathlon when swimming. For men and women

Hide conceal and avoid your nipples from showing when wearing snug clothing and not

show the nipples perspective when you wear thin or light clothes. Also can conceal and

avoid your nipples from showing when wearing snug clothing and not show an outline.

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Wowen shapewear pants for tummy control


Shapewear can help women improve their hunchback, sagging breasts, flat breasts, bucket waist, fat buttocks and other problems when worn. If you wear good quality and suitable shapewear for a long time, you will be able to get a good improvement of your body shape.We have plus size as a way to fit more body shapes

Shapewear shorts is also very helpful for postpartum women. Women who wear shapewear after giving birth can assist with sudden hormonal changes that lead to enlarged mammary glands, uterine contraction, and skin elasticity retraction, which can allow postpartum women to return to their figures as soon as possible. 

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Women shapewear panty can help women improve certain bad habits in their bodies, such as turnip legs, hunchback, protruding stomach, thick thighs, sagging breasts, flat hips, flat chest, fat buttocks and bucket waist.

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