Nipple cover Factory wholesale reusable waterproof hypoallergenic invisible silicone breast cover for ledy dress party

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Silicone nipple cover


Opaque nipple cover – The transparency is lower than that of conventional breast patches, which is suitable for people who require high mask of nipple cover semi-opaque nipple cover –Adds a hazy beauty to breasts.They’re made from ultra-thin, breathable silicone that feels just like a second skin!

Non-glue nipple cover –It is firm and not easy to fall off, and is suitable for people who are sensitive to glue. At the same time, longer service life than silicone nipple cover.

a nipple cover to PREVENT Nipples chafing when exercising strenuously, when running, surfing, cycling, playing tennis, paddle and other actvities. Can be used while swimming and bathing. Even in Triathlon when swimming. For men and women

Hide conceal and avoid your nipples from showing when wearing snug clothing and not show the nipples perspective when you wear thin or light clothes. Also can conceal and avoid your nipples from showing when wearing snug clothing and not show an outline.

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6nipple cover121 5silicone nipple pasties04 2Custom colors available

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