The History Of American Nipple Cover

In 1893, at the World's Fair, some belly dancers and exotic dancers wore metal breastplates that covered the upper part of the breasts of the actresses.  After that, the circus began to use this way of wearing metal breastplates in stage performances. Slowly, the metal breastplate evolved into the nipple stickers that people are familiar with today.

The closest thing to a modern style of nipples is the nipples that appeared in the stage hall performances in Paris in 1920. Soon, the French burlesque style of dressing spread to the United States, where nipple patches were worn by actors Carrie Finnell and Sally Rand in the 1920s and 1930s . At that time, the decoration of breast stickers was no longer tassel ornaments, but real ears of rice. 


comedian carrie finnell


burlesque actress sally rand

In the following 10 years, people's openness of mind gradually loosened the restrictions on nipple cover.

When it comes to burlesque actors at the time, everyone will think of the famous Gypsy Rose Lee .

She is sexy and unrestrained, and her large-scale dressing style has always been impressive.

Nipple stickers are also commonly worn by her. 

From 1950s to 1970s, nipple stickers were still popular in shows. Due to the overheating of free love and the legalization of bare breasts, some people protested and marched, so the public's enthusiasm for nipple stickers dropped a little bit. But in the sexual liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s, women got rid of the impression of "sexual perversion" of the original corset , and more women are willing to accept the liberation of corsets . The famous maid slogan at the time: " I dreamed that I was wearing a maid bra and grabbing the horns of the bull ."


American burlesque actor Gypsy Rose Lee

Today, like American stars Janet Jackson , Lady Gaga ,  probably the most famous Lil ' Kim , who also wore nipple patches as a bosom decoration. In burlesque performances and exotic dance performances, it seem to have become their representative costumes. The burlesque movement of the 1990s popularized nipple stickers as a trend in women's fashion. There are also some designers who like to add nipple stickers to their design art.

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