Seamless Underwear

It combines comfort, thoughtfulness, fashion, and change into one, which not only makes consumers love it, but also deeply impressed many international famous brand designers, becoming a source of inspiration.


The edge of the underwear cannot be seen on the body. It is the concept of seamless clothing, which is the seamless craft underwear. The so-called "markless craft underwear" is basically a one-time molding underwear produced by weft knitting with novel special equipment. There is no need for seams in the waist, buttocks and other parts, and only the patch process is required in the crotch part as a subsequent process. 

The clothes have no seams on both sides of the waist, the entire ring of the neck has no seams, and the two sides of the panties have no seams.Which is suitable for every season, with all kinds of clothes. It feels like wearing no underwear. They are not only seamless, but also comfortable. 


Three-dimensional molding underwear has always been a part of the European and American clothing and underwear industry. Its quality of less cutting, less seam and close-fitting comfort has always been favored by female friends. Tagless design and laser cut on fabric avoids chafing or pinching while minimizing panties lines.In the market, the price of seamless underwear is also listed as a commodity with a high unit price.

According to the design and development of underwear, the current trend is to wear it with low-waisted culottes and fashionable underwear with no trouser marks on the back hip. Fashion panties are cut to lift the buttocks,   modify the curve of the buttocks, and naturally raise the buttocks position.

The types of seamless underwear include boxers, briefs, thongs, etc. A kind of mini panties, also known as "T" panties, a complete Western naturalism genre, breaking through traditional concepts. Especially with jeans and tights, it will not leave marks on the buttocks, true seamless underwear.Quick-drying, carry these breathable and comfortable sports underwear with you, suitable for travel and active lifestyles.


Post time: Nov-15-2022