Get to know shapewear

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The three-dimensional cut material of the body shaper according to the ergonomic principle is more in line with the characteristics of the human body structure , adjusts the distribution of body fat,and creates a beautiful curve charming. 

Stretch clothing, also known as shapewear, tights, corsets, bodysuits, etc. , is a functional clothing. Made of stretchy fabric, it is cut to the curves of the body and hugs the skin.

Shapewear can be divided into daily body sculpting and bodybuilding.

Daily Body Sculpting

This kind of elastic clothing ( corset ) is suitable for wearers who have not undergone surgery, but are dissatisfied with their body shape in outerwear, and want to use the compression and restraint of the close-fitting elastic clothing (corset) to improve their body shape. Stretch garments (corsets) often have steel rings, nylon cords, and multi-layer reinforcements in individual parts. Of course, there is no uniform standard for the selection of fabrics, pressure of oppression, design of styles, etc. 


 Due to the different physical requirements of individuals. Personal preference is the only requirement for this type of elastic clothing (corset) , so basically all categories of Stretch clothing (corsets) can be used as daily wear elastic clothing (corsets), but there are individual parts of the steel ring, nylon cord, and multi-layer reinforcement designed for daily body sculpting only elastic clothing (corsets) ) can only be used for daily wear and cannot be used for other purposes .


This kind of elastic clothing (corset) is suitable for wearing in bodybuilding, gymnastics, dancing, cycling, swimming and other sports to protect the skin, enhance muscle strength, strengthen joint elasticity, coordinate the body and reduce the resistance of air and water flow . This type of elastic clothing (corset) often uses various special elastic fabrics with different functions to meet the requirements of different sports, and has enough pressure without affecting the accuracy of movements and physical performance. This kind of elastic clothing (corset) can not have any steel ring, rope.

Post time: Nov-15-2022